Skye (skysailing) wrote,

oh lawd it's been a while

With the advent of tumblr and the downfall of my roleplaying (people are catty and I was a dumb bint... those are years I could stand to forget), this poor thing kind of got neglected... save for hunting through pkmncollectors.

Lot of stuff has changed though; I've cut people out of my life and done different things! I'm currently working two jobs (shop assistant and dinner lady at the local private school - school job is much more fun) and applying to do eikaiwa work next year. I've got a recruiment seminar with ECC at the end of the month and I am shitting bricks over the grammar test and mock lesson I'm gonna have to do. Plus with travel and hotel fares, the whole thing i's probably going to come to about £200, so I've gotta do well so the money won't've gone to waste. Agghh pressure.

I've also gotten better at art, a little bit! My humans have gotten much better especially. I see art I did for people on here years ago and just cringe. It was so bad, dear lord

And recently I've been steaming through Pokemon Y. Beat the Elite 4/Champion yesterday, I didn't quite mean to go through it so fast. But it's so great and I love it ;_; Now I just need to wait for Pokémon Bank so I can import my babies.

Finishing off this entry with a doodle of my favourite Y team member!

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