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So I'm trying to get to sleep last night. I hear someone go downstairs. They don't come back up for ages. A while after a second person goes downstairs. I then realise that it's my mother and father, because all I could hear for almost two fucking hours was them arguing.

ARGUING. Over god-knows-what. But they've never argued like that before and it scared the shit out of me. I mean yeah, they've had tiffs and fallings-out and everything, but this was just...different. I went out onto the landing and the second I do, mother comes in through the living room door and just tells me to go back to bed, in a kind of cold tone. Sort of hard, mum, when I'm doing everything possible to drown out the argument.

This morning they're both sat on the sofa together talking, again about what I don't know, but...what the hell, you guys?
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