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journal of mine

21 September
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☆ skye ☆

- 24
- Female
- English with bits of Scottish
- Animation graduate
- Brown hair
- Brown eyes
- 5'5 and just a little bit
- Pokémaniac
- Lazy and scatterbrained
- Has bad spending habits, especially on pretty pieces of plastic
- Song used for journal; "Recessional" by Vienna Teng

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after eights, aki, ancient egypt, animation, anime, antipodeanshipping, archaeology, art, assuming is for morons, astrnomy, astrology, barnaby, being hugged, big doggy, big kitty, blue, bows, bruno, butlers, celestial bodies, charms, chips at the beach, cidxvincent, cloudscapes, concept design, converse, countrysides, crow, cuddles, curry and chips, cute pieces of plastic, dangles, days at the beach, dinosaur comics, dinosaurs, disney, drawing, drives through the countryside, fai, fushigi yugi, genbu kaiden, going to the beach, ho-oh, huggles, hyper, hypocrisy is awesome, i'm so inconsiderate, illustration, itsukyon, jack, jalfrezi, jirachi, kisses, kissing, kissing in the rain, korma, kotethu, kotetsu, kurofai, kurogane, kuroshitsuji, laziness, listening to the rain, long drives, love, lucky star, lugia, manga, mint chocolate, moon, movies, nendoroid, not my mothers nagging, not softimage, nozomu itoshiki, numbershipping, onion bhajis, originshipping, paeleontology, photography, pin badges, pokemon, polka dot, pretty pieces of plastic, purple, rainbows, reading, red, romantic walks, rua, ruka, sailor moon, sayonara zetsubou sensei, silly, skyscapes, snuggles, stars, steel, stevenxeveryone, stripes, suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu, the night time, the phoenix requiem, thigh-high boots, threadless, tiger and bunny, tikka masala, train rides, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, tuxedos, tv, utena = scary show, vans, victorian-style clothing, walks on the beach, weird, writing, yami, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh! 5d's, yu-gi-oh! the abridged series, yusei